Blogging comme un pro

Blogging is all about content and how you present it to the viewer. The content needs to be accurate (both the language and the information), to the point (Give people what they want) and useful for the reader ("I wanted to know about iPhone 6, not the history of Apple").
Here are some guidelines for writing a professional post:
  1. Pick a topic - The topic should relate to your site. It could be trendy, mainstream or niche but it has to have an audience. Find something that makes your post unique and stands out.
  2. Research - Once you have a topic, analyze it. Find out what everyone else is writing about it. Check out your competition. Find out how many times a month it is Googled. Make sure you are an expert (People may comment to get more information).
  3. Give a great title - Most readers will read the title and the description of your post. If you haven't captured their attention, they will not click the link. So give ago into your
  4. Content -Write in your unique voice and give your personal point of view. Give the viewer a reason to keep reading. Great content is a must; the way you pass it to the reader is a strategy.
  5. Design - You have all the tools of the editor to make your post look like a million dollars. Use them. Go to the post settings and add a featured image and short description to the post. They will be displayed everywhere the link is posted (Your blog pages, Google, Facebook, Twitter...).
  6. SEO - Optimize your post to search engine criteria. This is done in the Post Settings area - Open the post to search engines, provide meta description, add keywords that are relevant to the post. The system will do the rest.
  7. Spread the word - Be proud of your work. Share your new post with your friends. Ask them to reshare/tweet/comment.
Good luck!